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Drug Possession Defense Lawyer in San Antonio, TX

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Texas does not look kindly upon drug use. The punishment for possession can be very devastating and the charges should always receive the utmost serious crime defense representation in Texas. If you are facing drug possession charges, please speak with a San Antonio Criminal Lawyer as soon as possible. The sooner we talk with you, the sooner we will begin working on your case.

The drug you were charged with and the quantity of the drug will dramatically affect your possible punishments. Charges might be misdemeanors or felonies depending on the specific circumstances involved. You might face a maximum of $500 in fines and no jail time, or you could face up to ten years in prison and a $10,000 fine. Your San Antonio Criminal Attorney will help you fight your charges or work to reduce your penalties by negotiating a winning plea bargain.

Everyone who is convicted of a drug crime will also be subject to a 6 month license suspension and become ineligible for federal college grant funding. If the crime was a felony, you will face additional consequences even after you have served your sentence. Felons are no longer able to vote, own firearms or hold public office. Most felons also find difficulties when seeking housing and employment.

Creating a Defense to Your Criminal Charges

When you work with our law firm, your San Antonio Criminal Attorney will immediately set to work on your defense. We will look for any violations of your constitutional rights, which will result in our being able to suppress evidence against you. We will look over any informant’s records and attempt to prove their testimony is unreliable, as they are only working to keep themselves out of jail. We will search for any inconsistencies in the prosecution’s case and exploit these holes to prove you are not guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Make sure your San Antonio drug possession defense lawyer is willing to make the prosecution prove your guilt, rather than working to prove your innocence. That’s the law of the American government –and that’s what we value over all else.